Grammatophyllum wallisii
A large epiphyte and occasional lithophyte occuring in lowland forests near streams and rivers at elevations up to 1200 meters in Papua and New Guinea, Malaysia, Sumatra to the Philippines and the Solomon Islands and is recorded to be the largest orchid in the world and is capable of becoming huge in cultivation. They bloom in the fall and early winter as well as in the summer and have a 4 to 10 foot [120 to 300 cm] long, basal, erect to arching, racemose, many flowered inflorescence that carry 30 to 50 sometimes fragrant, waxy, long-lasting flowers with the lowest flowers being imperfect and distant. This species has erect,spreading or drooping psuedobulbs that can be up to 3 meters long and leaves that go well up the stem giving them more of a palm tree look. Can be slow to bloom, plants need to be large and have a lot of backbulbs and even still the orchid can be sporadic at best to bloom

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