Phalaenopsis cornu cervi
Found in India, Thailand, the Phlippines, Burma, Malaysia, Java, Sumatra, and Borneo as a small, hot to warm growing epiphyte or lithophyte of exposed lowland locations on stunted vegetation from sea level to 800 meters in fairly exposed locations or in dense forests with heavy dews at elevations below 1000 meters with a distinct dry spell in winter, that blooms on a lateral, 4 to 18" [9 to 42 cm] long, rachis branched and flattened, racemose or paniculate, many [7 to 12] flowered inflorescence with small bracts arranged in two rows, and having fragrant, long-lasting, fleshy flowers it can bloom at any time of year but especially from spring till autumn. The flattened, flexuous, winged inforescence with ovate cucullate bracts has sequential flowers that can reappear at a latter time, so, keep the inflorescence as long as it is green. This species can be mounted or potted with coarse free draining medium with semi-shade, high humidity. and hot to coll temperatures.

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